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wcpr's Journal

WCPR-FM Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to the wcpr Community...

The existance of this community is to help support the listeners of 97.9 WCPR FM, The Rock Alternative, and fans of modern rock and metal music.

Basic Guidelines:
This community journal is here for the enjoyment of other Live Journal members
who are fans and or listeners to WCPR. Everyone is welcome to join, read,
post, and comment in this community.

  • No Flame Wars here!

  • Advertising. This is a discussion community, not a place to promote your journal, or other communities. (However, references to other communities are not bad, so long as it's not the point of your post. References in comments are okay) Event announcements and general discussion are welcomed.

  • Do not post naked pictures to the community.

    Above all HAVE FUN!!!

    The staff of WCPR does not (to my knowledge) read this community, so don't expect to
    have any questions directed at them to be answered. Check out the official
    website for contact information if you need to ask a DJ a question.

    Administrator: nexusnrg

    I also mod atomship